Our services at Spectra Beauté have been designed to transcend the satisfaction of merely your functional needs. We have carefully curated every offering in our capabilities to give you a streak of inspiration and wholistic wellbeing every single time you visit, while elevating your self image as we give diligence to reveal your originality and unique beauty.

Every encounter with any of our technicians for any of our services is a three step process.

Step One: Consultation

All our packages begin with a deep consultation with your assigned technician, to ascertain the appropriate treatment and/or procedure for your specific needs.

Step Two: Procedure / Treatment

The consultation is then followed by the treatment/procedure, accompanied by light but nutrient-rich refreshments developed with your health and wellbeing in mind.

Step Three: Recommendations

Every session rounds up with tailor-made recommendations for you by your assigned technician, to provide an ideal continuity of our salon/spa experience in your daily life.

At Spectra Beauté, we have organized three departments to cater to your functional needs. While we relentlessly continue to innovate our quality of service to you at the functional level, mind you, these departments now exist only as an opportunity for you to access our atmosphere and leverage The Spectra Experience for the inspiration and wellbeing you need for an ever-increasing and advancing life.

Our three departments are the Nails Department, the Esthetics Department and the Hair Department.


As the pioneers in innovation and excellence in nail art and nail technique in Cameroon (and arguably Central Africa), we guarantee nothing less than amazing, every time you book for a nail service. With more than 18 years of being in the business, it is automatic that we apply time-tested techniques and superior procedures, using only the most effective products and tools of the trade that the universe has to offer.

Spectra Beauté Beauty
Spectra Beauté Beauty


Our esthetics department is a product of pure passion, rigorous learning and never-ending exposure (through travel) to the best esthetic cultures and techniques, globally. Because of this, we have been able to curate superior esthetic treatments that deliver the most effective beauty and wellness experiences you can find around.


For your hair, you can count on us. From our knowledge base and our procedures to the actual expertise of our hair technicians, we do not cease to be vulnerable to updated hair techniques, hair styles and hair movements, in order to keep delivering innovative solutions and premium experiences to all our guests no matter what needs they may have.

Spectra Beauté Beauty