Our values, otherwise known as The Spectra Principles Of Advancement, are our ideals and the set of beliefs that define and govern our mindset, our attitude and our relationships, while distinguishing us from other institutions in and out of the beauty and wellness industry. They are what our institute has been built on and continue to grow in. They are who we are.


At Spectra Beauté, we believe in our responsibility to inspire. We inspire and awaken people to the truth; the truth that ‘it is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation’.


At Spectra Beauté, integrity is not just another word; it is what we live and breathe. For us, integrity means ‘doing for others exactly as you would want to be done unto you’. Our founder puts it this way, “what I want for myself, I want for others”. We live to treat others in exactly the same way we love to be treated.

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Coming from a history of disappointments, challenges and obstacles, we have come to appreciate the reality that truly, ‘all things work together for our good’. For us, optimism means that ‘every disappointment is a blessing’. We really do believe that and we live by it.


At Spectra Beauté, we believe in perpetual improvement, which is why we are always investing our efforts in improving our quality of service, our environment and our clients’ experiences. We believe we are ‘a work in progress’, so we stay humble as perpetual learners, implementing what we learn every step of the way.


Anyone who is familiar with Spectra Beauté has experienced our emphasis on customer service. This is because we believe we exist to serve anyone who will give us the privilege to serve them, making sure that we remain a customer-oriented company that offers outstanding experiences to all clients.

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Growth to us at Spectra Beauté is based on the mutual success of both our team and our clients. We believe this kind of growth is only achievable through development with The Spectra Principles of Advancement; principles which we have ingrained in our culture.


At Spectra Beauté, we promote self-development for all our stakeholders, because we believe that our mutual growth is greatly reliant on the development and contribution of our individual stakeholders.