Selon vos envies, vous pouvez profiter d’un bain de vapeur traditionnel marocain à l’eucalyptus ou de bain de chaleur sèche pour une détente intense et profonde..


We offer Facials, Waxing, Foot and Hand massages in private luxury rooms.


Our range of quality products are sourced to meet your cosmetic needs. We also offer special Make-Up services and Body mask services.


We offer Body Tapering, Body Scrub and and Pressure Therapy with luxury oils that relaxes your muscles and rejuvenates your skin.

Spectra Beauté - Cosmetics and Makeup

Cosmetics and Makeup

Spectra Beauté offers professional makeup services with a degree of subtlety that leaves the essence of your beauty untouched.

We also bring a degree of creativity in makeup so you feel the uniqueness in your outward appearance.

Special services apply to bridal parties and special occasion ranging from eyelash strips, lip fullness, facial colour tones and eyebrow treatments.

Spectra Beauté - Esthetics


Spectra Beauté body treatment technicians take extreme care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin. Warmly applied wax is gently removed leaving your skin smooth and refined.

We also take extreme care to clean, scrub and exfoliate facial skin to bring out a youthfulness and softness in the facial skin. Our foot and hands care provide the ultimate solution to massage and indulge the hands and feet in refreshing paraffin.

Spectra Beauté - Massage and Sauna

Massage and Sauna

Spectra Beauté private massage and sauna rooms are an indulgent area of relaxation, rejuvenation and rekindlement. Our expertly trained masseuse have a rhythmic and relaxing touch that restores your body, mind and spirit.

We have a rich choice of aromatherapy oils that help you gain fullness in body strength from the hectic business days of Douala.