Douala: Rue Koloko, BonaprisoYaounde: Derrière Usine Bastos

Douala: (+237) 699 736 671 Yaounde: (+237) 695 695 475

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The Spectra Experience


The Spectra Experience is a fusion of four key factors that really set us apart and tell our story better. These four factors are what make people talk about us, recommend and refer us to others, even when we don’t ask them to. They are the very reason for which we are almost always fully booked and have experienced unprecedented growth throughout the years. They are the pillars that support the entire structure of Spectra Beauté. These factors are.

Unique Culture

Spectra Beauté has a very unique culture that has stood the test of times. This culture, fundamentally guided by our mission, is the full breadth of our values in action, woven into the fabric of our everyday commitments and interactions with our community. Defined by our founder (Mr. Valery a.k.a. the Advancing Man) and taken right out of our values, the Spectra Culture rests on 6 very simple but thought-provoking mantras, which can also be referred to as The Spectra Principles of Advancement.


Our exceptional architecture and interior design is one thing that always catches the eye of anyone who has the opportunity to walk into our salon (or see our pictures) is the design of our interior. But beyond the aesthetics of our environment to the eye, is the beauty of the atmosphere that captivates the soul. Every single piece of our interior has been carefully selected and deployed to drown you in serenity, for only in such an atmosphere are you capable of travelling into your inner man to pull out the inspiration you need for the next best version of who you really are.

“ I have always worked for two people; the client and the beauty professional ”

Mr. Valery

Founder: Spectra

Our Service Quality Innovation

One of the primary factors that has put us ahead over the years is our continuous quest for new and diverse techniques and equipments to get better results for our clients. We go as far as recycling our technicians as often as possible, just to achieve the best quality of service that we are capable of at each given point in time. Add that to our strict quality criteria, rigorous performance standards and stringent inspection procedures, and you will understand why we are always on the cutting edge of new techniques and work equipments .

All our three departments (Nails, Aesthetics & Hair) experience an upgrade every so often because of our commitment to keep innovating our service quality. So whether you make a reservation for your nails, your body or your hair, you can be certain you will get the results you paid for and more.

Our Outstanding Hospitality

You have not heard of Spectra Beauté if you haven’t heard of our outstanding hospitality. With a culture so clear on how we treat others, you can be rest assured that you will ALWAYS be treated as our most honored guest every single time you visit our location or interact with us in any way.

“…Polite…”, “…always smiling…”, “…courteous…”, “…friendly…”, and “…always listening…” are a few of the words and phrases that previous guests we have served have used to describe our personnel, and we’re sure you have heard more. If you are the kind of person who needs to belong in a place where you are being treated as someone worthy of dignity, we count on us to give you an experience of your lifetime. You should count on us too!

Appointment Requests

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By submitting this form you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. Ask in-store for details.