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Nail Care Tips
By Spectra Beauté

"Are your nails strong and healthy? Take a closer look at your nails and see how healthy and strong they are or if they are as you want them to be. When taking a look at them ,make sure there are no ridges,dents or areas with unusual colors. A.."

Spectra Beauté - Latest News - L'Espace Onglerie en fête chez Spectra Beauté
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L'Espace Onglerie en fête
Chez Spectra Beauté

" Les fêtes sont là ! C’est l’occasion de se parer de ses plus belles tenues, et de se mettre en valeur. Les prêts à porter sont remplis de costumes en tout genre, les salons de beauté ne désempli.."

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New Logo
New Beginning

" Part of our inspiration as an organisation and as a team, has always been to redefine ourselves, finding higher objectives and better ways to express our energy and desires. As we close 2014 and look into 2015, we recognise the achievements. But .."

Spectra Beauté - Latest News - Yaoundé - now being served by Spectra Beauté
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Yaoundé now being served
by Spectra Beauté

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