Healthy Nail Tips

Healthy Nail Tips
Nail Care Tips
By Spectra Beauté

Are your nails strong and healthy?

Take a closer look at your nails and see how healthy and strong they are or if they are as you want them to be. When taking a look at them ,make sure there are no ridges,dents or areas with unusual colors.

A proper nail care could help you avoid some of these undesirable poor nail conditions but others might be an indicator of a fundamental condition that requires special attention.

All finger nails are made of a laminated areas of a particular protein called keratin.Healthy fingernails are smooth, without pits or grooves. They're uniform in color and consistent and also spots free or any abnormal colors.

Not all nail conditions are normal, however. Consult your beauty palor ( Spectra Beautè) in case you experience any of these abnormalities.

Things to do to in order to keep your fingernails in a good shape.

  1. keep your fingernails dry and clean to prevent bacteria from growing in them.
  2. Apply a nail hardener to help strengthen them.
  3. Rub moisturizer on the nails and cuticles.
  4. Trim your nails straight across with a clipper,then round the tips in a gentle curve.

Be quick in notifying us if you notice any of these on your nails;

  1. A change in your nail color or spots on your nails.
  2. Separation of nails from its skin.
  3. Bleeding or pains around nails.
  4. Changes in the shape of the nails.

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