New Logo New Beginning

New Logo New Beginning
New Logo
New Beginning

Part of our inspiration as an organisation and as a team, has always been to redefine ourselves, finding higher objectives and better ways to express our energy and desires. As we close 2014 and look into 2015, we recognise the achievements. But we also recognise what we want to become, what we should hold for the future. With a new salon in Yaounde the capital city of Cameroon, we have great ambitions for the future.

We commissioned our new logo as a way to help us express the new Spectra and the becoming Spectra (that is what Spectra wants to become!). Our new logo expresses the nature and indulgence of our salon environment. For us, it all begins when you step into our premises. The indulgent, relaxing and rejuvenating feeling should resonate from every corner of the room.

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