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Nail Studio

We use uniquely made for Spectra gel, capsules and polish products to make your nails have the vibrancy you desire. You can either have a bespoke private and profound Nail Studio service or use our express Nail Bar when in a hurry.


A combination of Nail Care and Hand Care provides a bespoke Spectra Beauté Manicure service. Our Manicure services can be simple with deep cleansing and skin treatment or more detail with a paraffin treatment and meticulous hand spa.

Nail Nursing

Do you wish to constantly keep your nails looking great every time every day? Spectra Beauté offers services to help you replenish and refill your nails, clean and repair your nails should the unfortunate happen. We pride ourselves in giving you exceptional services that makes your nails look good longer than any other studio in Douala.

Spectra Beauté - Express Nail Bar

Express Nail Bar

Working and living in a busy urban city like Douala poses many challenges to finding the time to take care of those little nice activities like nail care. Spectra Beauté express Nail Bar service provides a quick and easy way to do your nails without compromising on outome and beauty. No appointments needed and our staff are always ready to provide the best of services.

Spectra Beauté - Nail Maintenance

Nail Maintenance

Spectra Beauté offers special opportunities for nail maintenance to make sure your nails nurture into a natural beauty. We help clients clean, refill and repair where misfortunate occured.

Ask one of our staff to advise you freely on what nail care maintenance you may need depending on your daily activities. We pride ourselves in giving customers the best advice that would help in keeping their nails in excellent condition.

Spectra Beauté - Nail Treatment

Nail Treatment

Spectra Beauté offers the best nail care services in Douala. Our unique choices of gels, capsules and polish bring a beautiful finesse and finishing to your nails treatment.

Our staff are well trained in preparing the nails for any treatment or care services. We take extreme caution to make sure our depth and breadth of filing, cleaning and undercoat prepares for a beautiful finish.